Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I was a Feature of the Week

Sorry, I haven't been posting anything lately, unfortunately I have a case of the "summer cold" and I'm so tired of coughing.  I have so many projects to get done, but by the time I get home I just don't  have the energy to do anything.

I just have to let everyone know that I was featured on Whimsy Wednesday from last weeks project on my Baseball Wreath.  I'm so thrilled :)  If you have time hop over to The NY Melrose Family,  Jenny has a great blog.  

I hope everyone has a great week, my fingers are still crossed that I will get some projects done this weekend.  My daughter thought I was crazy when I showed her my list on my NOOK, her response was "Really Mom, you have your list on your NOOK?"  What could I say, I usually have it with me and when I think of something, I can just write it down.  It sounds perfectly fine to me. :)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Baseball Wreath

Ranger Wreath5
Ok, so I have been gone for awhile – sorry.  I just had too many things going on in the month of May.  Between getting everything ready for the end of the school year and the beginning of early cheer/football registration – it was just crazy.

I have a lot of ideas for crafts, I just need to sit down and get them done.  I REALLY need to get Pops to help me get my craft room finished.  But he thinks he needs to work on his car, I swear where is his responsibility, LOL, I guess I will give him a break.  But I have started my “before” pictures of the room, so you can bet that will be posted before long.

Anyway – this being the Baseball season and since we live not 10 min from The Ballpark in Arlington – I just had to make this wreath.  I got the idea from The Pintrest Project, my obsession.  I just can’t seem to get off that site…..

Here’s what I did – I was lucky enough to get some used baseballs from my sons best friend (he is a pitcher) so I didn’t have to buy any Smile, then I had Pops drill holes in each end going through.  He did drill from each end.  I took a hanger and opened it up and bent out the curves.
Ranger Wreath1
Of course I had to get blue & red tulle for their colors.  I cut about 10” pieces of each color and folded in half.  Then I fan folded them together and wrapped a piece of floral wire around each set.
Ranger Wreath2
Ranger Wreath3

Ranger Wreath4
I figured out how many “sets” of tulle I needed then twisted the wire onto the hanger between the baseballs.    Since I had doubled the pieces, I separated the layers for a fuller effect.  As you can see these balls have been used, but I think that gives this a more natural look.  I will say that using real baseballs does weigh down this wreath, so be prepared.  I think on the example, they may have used the “beanbag” baseballs, which would not be as heavy.

I took Pops Ranger hat and ran the wire through the holes in the cap, then twisted onto the wire and made a bow for the top.

We had a ceramic sun hanging by the front door, so there was already a screw in the bricks.  I unscrewed a bit, put the hanger behind the screw and then screwed down to hold the wreath.  Since it is heavy, it hangs more like an oval than a circle.

I think it turned out pretty good, but now I have to buy Pops a new hat!!!!  Oh well, it will be worth it.  Now for the Rangers to go back to the World Series this year Smile
Ranger Wreath5
Ranger Wreath6
Ranger Wreath7
The only thing I had to buy for this wreath is the Tulle, which I got on sale @ Hobby Lobby.  I spent $5.00 for this wreath – I can’t beat that price.  Hope you liked my wreath – who is your favorite team?

Have a great day – Michelle

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