Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fuzzy Purse

When I was at JoAnn’s the other day, I noticed that they had purse handles on clearance (you know I just can’t pass up a sale) so I thought for Easter, I would make my granddaughter a purse. 

r purse3

I didn’t have a pattern, so I just made it up as I went.  I had this pink furry material from a blanket I had made for her when she was born.  Then I found a font and printed up a lower case R.  The upper case would have been to big.  I then took the letter, held it up to the window (backwards) and traced it onto some heat/bond.  Ironed it onto my material then cut it out.

I used the width of the handles to determine the purse size.  I cut it out with an A angle (larger at bottom than top),  I found the center of one side and put on my applique.  (This was my first time to do an applique without my embroidery machine so it didn’t turn out as pretty)  Once I was done with the applique I put the right sides together then sewed up the sides.  I didn’t go up all the way to the top so that there would be room to open it.  Then I wrapped the top around the handles and sewed them down.  I think if I do this again, I would sew the top on the handles first, then sew the sides.  I had to really take my time sewing the top.  Another opps I made was to make sure the handle backs would be together (flat sides)  lucky for me, she is only 2 and doesn’t know the difference.

She was so happy when she saw it, she said “My Purse”, she couldn’t wait to put her lipstick (chapstick) in there to carry around.  She looked so cute.

I’m sure I will probably make some more and I will line them, but for now this was perfect.  And I only spent $1.97 for the handles, I had everything else – can’t beat that.

r purse5

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Throw Pillows

The other day my son’s best friend asked me about these pillows.  He said "Did you just buy these?”  I said “No, I made them”.  He couldn’t believe it, he said he wouldn’t have ever known.  That made me feel so good! Smile  I mean there aren’t that many HS boys that would even notice pillows on your couch.

I made these about 2 months before I started my blog so there aren’t any pictures, but it was so easy.  I found this decorator fabric in the remnant section @ JoAnn’s and it was 50% off = $6.00.  The pillow forms were also on 50% off = $4.00/each x 3. 

I folded up the bottom, then sewed up the sides and half of the top then stuffed in the forms.  To give them a “finished” look, I then sewed an edge around all sides.  This was a little difficult because of the pillow form, but I just took my time.  This way I was able to sew up the top closure and wouldn’t be able to see exactly where it was.  1 hour later I had 3 new pillows for my couch.

I got some more fabric with a “lighter” look for the summer months, just waiting for the pillow forms to go on sale again to make some more.  Then I can change them out for spring/summer & fall/winter.  I just might have to make some just for Christmas….mmmmm sounds like a good thought, LOL

I just can’t seem to go into a fabric store without looking at their remnant section especially if they are also on sale!

Don’t you just love EASY projects?


Friday, April 13, 2012

Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole
My Grandmother used to make this for us to eat when we would visit on the weekends.  It was so easy to make, and the best part is you can make so many changes depending on what ingredients you have at home.  The first recipe is my Grandmother’s way, the second is mine – when I have to count my points for WW. Smile

Breakfast Casserole:
6 Eggs
1# Monterrey Cheese
1# Sharp Cheddar
2 can’s green chiles
1 sm can PET milk
Sprinkle chiles over bottom of sprayed casserole dish, mix the remaining ingredients and pour over.  Bake @ 300 for 40 minutes.

Michelle’s Breakfast  Casserole
6 Eggs (1 small container Egg Beaters = 8 eggs, use all)
1 pkg Low Fat – Cheddar/Jack Shredded Blend
1 pkg Jimmy Dean’s Sausage Crumbles – Turkey (already cooked, yea)
1/4 cup chopped jalapeno’s (or to taste)
1 small can PET milk (evaporated milk)
Mix all together and pour into sprayed 9x13 casserole dish.  Bake @ 300 – 40 minutes.

This is always good to serve for a easy breakfast.  The best part is you can use whatever "meat" you have on hand, ham, bacon, etc.  I made one to take to work the other morning, the only problem was that I had to “smell” the goodness the whole way….without eating!!!

Hope you enjoyed – Michelle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Can you believe that it is so warm outside already?  I was so surprised when I left to go to work this week that my Hibiscus plants were blooming left & right.  I took these pictures on Wed & Thurs last week.  It is so nice to have pretty flowers on your porch.  I just need to finish planting annuals & get the hanging baskets for the final look.


Hope you enjoy – Michelle

Monday, April 9, 2012

Son's School Project


My son needed some extra credit in his Chemistry class.  In order to get this, the project from his teacher was to make a “Mole”.  Not only to make the Mole, but to give it a personality.  Since he is a drummer, we decided to go with the Rock-N-Mole theme.

I took the pattern from the teachers’ webpage & enlarged it so we could actually “play” with the mole. 

I had him cut out the pattern and pin it on the material & cut it out.  (This was really quite fun to watch)



Since this is a “Rock-N-Mole”, he needed the MOM tattoo, stud collar and Mohawk.  I found the stud trim at JoAnn’s and we made the Mohawk  from felt.  I sprayed some adhesive on the felt so we could have both sides.

Then we took a dowel and cut it down, took the Dremmel tool and carved out the Drum Sticks.   I will have to say the finished project turned out fairly well. 


Now just to wait and see if his teacher likes it.  I did sew the “pattern” together, I told my son he could sew it together, I even got my older machine out for him (he was NOT going to be able to use one of newer ones, LOL) but he didn’t feel comfortable doing the sewing, so of course, MOM to the rescue, haha.  Then you know, Dad had to help with the sanding/finishing of the Drum Sticks, so I guess this was really a “family” mole.

Hope you enjoyed – Michelle