Monday, April 16, 2012

Throw Pillows

The other day my son’s best friend asked me about these pillows.  He said "Did you just buy these?”  I said “No, I made them”.  He couldn’t believe it, he said he wouldn’t have ever known.  That made me feel so good! Smile  I mean there aren’t that many HS boys that would even notice pillows on your couch.

I made these about 2 months before I started my blog so there aren’t any pictures, but it was so easy.  I found this decorator fabric in the remnant section @ JoAnn’s and it was 50% off = $6.00.  The pillow forms were also on 50% off = $4.00/each x 3. 

I folded up the bottom, then sewed up the sides and half of the top then stuffed in the forms.  To give them a “finished” look, I then sewed an edge around all sides.  This was a little difficult because of the pillow form, but I just took my time.  This way I was able to sew up the top closure and wouldn’t be able to see exactly where it was.  1 hour later I had 3 new pillows for my couch.

I got some more fabric with a “lighter” look for the summer months, just waiting for the pillow forms to go on sale again to make some more.  Then I can change them out for spring/summer & fall/winter.  I just might have to make some just for Christmas….mmmmm sounds like a good thought, LOL

I just can’t seem to go into a fabric store without looking at their remnant section especially if they are also on sale!

Don’t you just love EASY projects?


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