Monday, April 9, 2012

Son's School Project


My son needed some extra credit in his Chemistry class.  In order to get this, the project from his teacher was to make a “Mole”.  Not only to make the Mole, but to give it a personality.  Since he is a drummer, we decided to go with the Rock-N-Mole theme.

I took the pattern from the teachers’ webpage & enlarged it so we could actually “play” with the mole. 

I had him cut out the pattern and pin it on the material & cut it out.  (This was really quite fun to watch)



Since this is a “Rock-N-Mole”, he needed the MOM tattoo, stud collar and Mohawk.  I found the stud trim at JoAnn’s and we made the Mohawk  from felt.  I sprayed some adhesive on the felt so we could have both sides.

Then we took a dowel and cut it down, took the Dremmel tool and carved out the Drum Sticks.   I will have to say the finished project turned out fairly well. 


Now just to wait and see if his teacher likes it.  I did sew the “pattern” together, I told my son he could sew it together, I even got my older machine out for him (he was NOT going to be able to use one of newer ones, LOL) but he didn’t feel comfortable doing the sewing, so of course, MOM to the rescue, haha.  Then you know, Dad had to help with the sanding/finishing of the Drum Sticks, so I guess this was really a “family” mole.

Hope you enjoyed – Michelle

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