Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rain, Rain…..and a son missing his SAT test..

You know you have those times that you think, “I really should show you where you need to go”, that was what I was thinking last night as I explained to my son exactly how to get to UTA to take his SAT test that was scheduled for this morning.  He needed to be there by 7:45 am.  In hindsight, I probably should have written down the instructions for him, but after explaining the directions to him, he said OK……Forward to this morning, I heard him get up & leave (good, now I can go back to sleep, It’s my day off), but @ 8:20, he comes walking into my bedroom.  Guess what – He COULDN’T find the college.  Now, I’m thinking to myself, you should have followed your “GUT” feeling.  We then discussed my directions AGAIN, and he says “I never saw that road”.  Fine, get in the car & let’s see where you went wrong.  Remember, I’m supposed to be sleeping, so now I get in the car with my PJ’s still on!!!!
When I made one of the turns, he says “Oh, I didn’t turn here”…..I said “Did you even listen to my directions?”  I know what you thinking…..I should strangle him now, LOL.  Well to make a long story short, he now knows how to get there for the next test and now I’m fully awake…time for donuts.
I decided since I’m up lets go by the house, I will get dressed and go to the movies….We saw John Carter – I thought it was pretty good, despite what the critics say….I mean it’s just a movie people, get real.  We had his GF with us and I didn’t feel like going home to clean, so shopping we went. Smile
Needless to say, with the rain coming down, the house never got clean today, I finished a book and just chilled, the house can wait till tomorrow.
What did you get done today?  Hope you enjoyed your day!

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