Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunflower Arrangement

I’m sure I have stated many times how much I LOVE Dollar Tree & Thrifty Shopping.  I won’t buy anything at full price, I mean I will either wait until I have a coupon, it’s on sale, or find it somewhere else where it is cheaper.  (You can call me cheap, I’m fine with that)
I was thinking the other day that I needed some more color in my office and since I just happened to be at Dollar Tree, I thought “Why Not.”
So here’s what I got:
You might have some of these items already, but I have my son’s faithful cat as my helper.
I pushed down 2 squares of the green Styrofoam into the bottom of the pail
Then I put hot glue on the bottom of each stem and placed about the container.  I put the tall “grass” in the back.  (The cat wanted to eat it)


Then stand back and admire your work Smile
Have a great day,


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