Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cookie Jar

Yesterday I went to a Thrift store that I hadn't been to before to check it out.  I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, but something did catch my eye.

I found this jar for a whopping $1.55 (can you believe that!). I looked for another one, but didn't find one.  Then I found a stencil that I liked and used Elmer's Etching and filled in the design.  I guess I should have taken pictures along the way.  (I need to remember to do that).  You leave the etching on for 60 sec then just wash it off.  Remember to be careful with this stuff, it is an acid and will burn whatever it touches.  If you aren't comfortable with using Etching, I have see a post, but I don't remember where, that you can use Spray Paint, the one for Frosting, to get the same effect.

This is my finished project - I'm still going to etch the other side, but I haven't decided to do the same cupcake or another design.

What have you found lately at your Thrift Store?

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