Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Step Done....many to go

I have decided that if I want to post pictures on this blog, I will have to put them on my computer first...duh!  So I have downloaded my SD card to my computer, now to organize these pictures.  I have this slight problem with OCD sometimes (I know Really?)

I know I want to organize our garage but my CRAFT room really needs to be organized also.  As I was "picking up" last night and kept putting "stuff" in there I just kept thinking, I really need to get this room done!  But the matter has now been taken out of my "hands".  Hubby has decided it has to be the garage!  He was in a wreck before Christmas and totaled his truck!, yes unfortunately it was just paid off.  So for a replacement vehicle, he bought an older (1998) Mustang GT.  Needless to say, he is wanting to "FIX" it up and would like to be in the garage to do this instead of working in the driveway - Go Figure LOL

Anyway, I plan on getting pictures of the DISASTER this weekend and will post them!

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