Sunday, February 19, 2012

Operation Garage–Part 1

We finally got started on our project for the 29 Days of Organization.  This was the first time we have had a chance to work on the project. After a few trips to Lowes for storage tubs and trash bags we were ready to start.   Hubby & I both took Friday off and he was “kind” enough to also take off the weekend.  We  have our son and his best friend to help with the moving of items and “errand” runners.  Since the majority of the items in the garage was “stuff” for football season (coolers, footballs, jerseys, chairs, etc. – we both volunteer for the local Pee Wee Football Association) we got a storage building to keep all of these items close to the football field.  Obviously this cleared out a lot.  The local Goodwill got a couple of car loads.  We aren’t completely finished, but I hope to be done by then end of the project.


I’m beginning to see the floor again.  The washer got picked-up from the curb (yes it did work) and the TV went to Goodwill.  The bed frame is going in our guest room (another project).  Is it possible we will be able to play darts again?


Our son, left, and his best friend pouring out TONS of oil into a 55 gallon drum.  Yes all of the detergent containers behind him are the ones they have already emptied.  We ended up filling 1 1/2 drums of oil.  We are going to call a oil recycle company to come pick up the drums.

All the Christmas is cleaned up & will be replaced with extra storage bins and a shelf unit in the front to hold extra drinks and small appliances that don’t fit in the house.


I FINALLY have a laundry area again!  I can’t believe it.  We moved the deep freeze next to the dryer.  (Yes I will get the freezer fixed AFTER my Fridge in the house is fixed)  If you notice I have a FLIP-N-FOLD hanging above the freezer.  The is probably the best thing I have bought, it is so handy when folding shirts I can’t believe I never got one earlier, what was I thinking.  (Probably the best $20 from the Container Store I ever spent, LOL) and with plenty of room to fold, the laundry baskets will now fit between the washer & dryer and I moved the hanging rack over to the other side.  Hubby “says” that once he takes down the above shelves, he is going to put up some rods above the freezer so I can hang clothes here.
I can also get to the recycle bin again, so we can start taking advantage of this service.
As you can tell, we still have to finish  - but we are making Progress, which feels WONDERFUL.
Updates still to come – Michelle

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