Wednesday, February 1, 2012


OK, I have decided to try this "blog" thing out.  I'm going to hook up with Laura @ Organizing Junkie's 29 day of Organization - Organizing Junkie .  I still need to figure out how to link - so this will also be a work in progress.  LOL

I have 2 areas that I can't decide which one to choose for my challenge.  Probably the worst one in our garage - Hubby would really like to be able to work on the cars IN the garage instead of the driveway, but I also have a craft/spare room, that I would like to be able to walk around and find things.  It will probably be the garage - we live in Texas and since it isn't that cold right now (and before we reach 100) this would probably be the best time.

I will try to get the before pics taken so I can post on the challenge page, and then update as I go through the month.  

My goals:

  • be able to actually use the garage AS A GARAGE
  • find what I'm looking for
  • be able to get to the recycle bin (so that I can actually take it to the curb)
My laundry area is also in the garage so unfortunately I  have to look at this mess all the time and it can be quite depressing and overwhelming.

Good luck to everyone

P.S. Thanks to Karen @ Sew Many Ways for talking me into blogging, fingers crossed!


  1. Woo hoo. Congratulations for starting your blog. Look great!! Received your comment about starting one, but wanted to let you know your blog profile is set to "no reply". That means any comment you leave on any blog doesn't have an email address attached to it so no one can email you back. It's a easy fix. Just go to my blog and on the right side bar down a ways is a link called "No Reply". There is a tutorial to change your setting.
    Good luck blogging. Need any thing let me know

    1. Thanks for the "head's up", LOL. I'm still in the design phase, I'm sure I will change the look a few times (haha) before I decide what I want. I will read your posts to get to the other info that I need.