Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Garage–Update

Well if you have been following along with me during my Organizing Junkie 29 Days of Organization, you know my project was our Garage DISASTER.  Well, I will have to say we have finished, for the most part.  Here are the rest our before/after pictures. You can go back to the prior post for the other pictures. here & here.
Here is the hubby trying to soak up all of the spilled oil with kitty litter.  His mess, he gets to sweep, LOL

There was actually a workbench under there after all.

The blue barrels will be picked up by the Oil Recycling company so they will be out of the way.  I’m thinking we will have to turn the weight bench the other direction so we can actually play darts without the weight bench in the way.
The whole purpose of this CLEAN was for hubby to be able to get the cars in the garage again to work on them.
I believe we accomplished that.  We still have items that we need to finish – taking down the existing shelves above the washer/dryer area and replace with cabinets.  Also going to replace the shelves with his “products” with cabinets.  I’m thinking we are going to go to the local Builders Surplus and see what they have.
I hope everyone had as much of a “Sigh of Relief” when you were finished as we did.  I can honestly say that now Hubby has told EVERYONE how clean his garage is and makes sure it is picked up EVERYDAY.
I think I have created a Clean Monster (that might not be such a bad thing for me).

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